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Serving & Training All Over the World

Training in English as a Second Language

Training for Service

Christ centred, Bible based, and mission focused training

GLO Ministries is passionate about serving and training all over the world. When it comes to training we endeavour to provide Christ centred, Bible based and mission focused training that is specially designed to equip trainees for service.

Since 1976 GLO Ministries has developed a number of multi-faceted courses in fields such as English Language (ESL), Christian Ministry Training, Christian Ministry Internships, Church Planting and Cross-cultural Missions. These reasonably priced training programs have beenfield tested for over three decades resulting in hundreds of trainees being equipped to serve God more effectively in Australia and abroad. This has resulted in hundreds of people being converted, thousands of believers being strengthened and dozens of local churches being planted in Australia and overseas.

In 2010 GLO Ministries established the “GLO College of Ministries” with the aim of providing up to certificate IV in Vocational Training for a number of its courses. GLO College of Ministries – Smithton Training Centre is able to provide a Certificate IV in “Christian Ministry and Theology” to graduating students.

Through providing multifaceted fully accredited training courses the GLO College of Ministries endeavours to continue GLO Ministries’ fine tradition of providing Christ centred, Bible based, and missions focused training that is reasonably priced andspecially designed for equipping people of all ages and nationalities for God glorifying service.

We offer various types of training at GLO, all aimed at training for service;

Christ centred, Bible based and mission focused training1. English Training (ESL)

Learn English in Australia.

2. Ministry Training

Train for a lifetime of service.

3. Missions Training

Specific training targeted at people planning to serve God cross-culturally.

4. Short Course Training

Training to meet the needs of the local church. Curriculum is designed to meet the specific needs of the church and can include units from any of its accredited courses.



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