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Training in English as a Second Language

Ministries & Methods

Partnering with God's People

GLO Ministries uses teams, as we see Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs. Our goal for each team is the same; the progression of God's Mission, but the methods they use to reach people are guided by the shape of the people that make up the team. Here's some of the ministries and methods we're currently employing...

Church Planting

Planting Churches is a high priority for our missionaries. With the long-term goal of handing over the work to nationals when they are ready to lead the work themselves. They use various methods to reach people who are seeking including some of the following...

Teaching English

English speakers have a great asset to share with people all over the world - their language ability. Many of our missionaries have come to Australia to gain a solid foundation in English, and in teaching it to others - at GLO College of Ministries, ESL. They then return home and use English lessons as a way of gaining contacts, and building friendships that enable them to share the gospel.

Literature Distribution

Distributing tracts is still very effective in many places. So many have never heard the wonderful news of Jesus, and many will respond with questions, or by coming along to a gospel meeting after receiving a tract or a Bible.

Mercy Ministries

Because of the poverty in many countries, mercy ministries are an integral part of sharing God's love. This takes many forms from something as simple as the gift of an income generating animal, to a much greater extent like caring for orphans or providing accommodation and education for underpriveleged children.

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