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English Language (ESL)

ESL Course Overview 2014

ESL Courses:

The GLO College of Ministries offers three levels of ESL (English as a Second Language) training:

  • Preliminary English Course (Semester 1 only)
  • Beginner English Course (Semester 1 only)
  • Post-Beginner English Course (Semester 2 only)
  • Intermediate ESL Course (Semester 2 only)

#  In addition to delivering the above ESL Courses the College can also provide IELTS Preparation.


Note: The GLO College of Ministries does not generally offer all three ESL courses concurrently. Normally the GLO College of Ministries offers 1 or 2 ESL Courses per semester. Please contact the Riverstone Training Centre Administrator ( to inquire about which courses are currently being offered.


Sydney Training Centre (Riverstone), Australia


PO Box 171, Riverstone, NSW 2765, AUSTRALIA


15 Hamilton St, Riverstone, NSW, 2765 AUSTRALIA


+61 2 9627 3342


Entry requirement:

All applicants are interviewed and assessed by a College teacher before placement in the course.

Student Intake:

January, July
Note: In some cases students may be allowed to enrol in an ESL course after the Semester has officially begun. Please contact the Riverstone Training Centre Administrator ( for further information.

Course Dates:

Each year there are two semesters:

Semester 1:

Wednesday 22nd January to Friday 22nd June 2014



Wed. 22nd January to Fri. 24th January


Term 1 (10 weeks): 

Tues. 28th January to Fri. 4th April


Term 2 (10 weeks):

Tues. 22nd April to Friday 27th June

Semester 2:

Thursday 10th July to Friday 12th December 2014



Thur. 10th July to Fri. 11th July


Term 3 (10 weeks):

Mon. 14th July to Fri. 19th September


Term 4 (10 weeks):

Tues. 7th October to Fri. 12th December

#  Note: No "Beginner" Course offered in Semester 2 2014

#  Note: Term 4 includes the following special events:


GLO Explo Day:

Sat. 1st November


GLO Family & Friends:

Sat. 1st November to Tues. 4th November


GLO Debrief Camp:

Wed. 5th November to Sun. 9th November


#  Note: the GLO Debrief Camp has an additional charge of $50 AUD


Intensive IELTS:

Tues. 11th November to Fri. 12th December (tentative)

Course Options:

There are two study options:

  • Full Course, for students who can confirm enrolment for the entire course.
  • –Partial Course, for students who can only enrol in part of a course.

Note:   Students must choose one of the above options prior to enrolment. The details for the two options are as follows:

Full Course Costs:

Application Fee:

$250 AUD (non refundable)
Note: inclusive. 1 airport trip - pickup.

Tuition Fee: 

$ 3,800 AUD per Course

Learning Resources:

$50 AUD per Course

Excursion Fee: 

Included in Course Costs

Refund Details:

Refer to 'Full Course Fees & Refund Policy [ESL]' for further details

Partial Course Costs:

Application Fee:

$250 AUD (non refundable)
Note: inclusive. 1 airport trip - pickup.

Tuition Fee: 

$225 per academic week
(i.e. Monday to Friday), or part thereof.

Minimum Course Length:

5 weeks

Learning Resources:

$50 AUD

Excursion Fee: 

$100 AUD

Refund Details:

Refer to 'Partial Course Fees & Refund Policy
for further details.


The College provides basic accommodation on site for a limited number of students. Alternatively students can arrange their own accommodation offsite.


Onsite Accommodation Fee:

$ 125 AUD per week *
* inclusive of internet, utilities and furnishings.
** excluding food.

Refund Details: 

Refer to 'Student Accommodation Fees'
Policy & Procedure for details

Note: Students can move into onsite accommodation from Monday the 20th of January 2014
Note: Students must vacate onsite accommodation by Friday 19th December 2014

Application Form

ESL Course Background

In 1997 GLO Ministries started providing “English as a Second Language” (ESL) Training. Since that time we have successfully equipped students to read, write and speak English from such diverse cultural backgrounds as Afghanistan, China, Columbia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Romania and South Korea.

For over a decade GLO Ministries “English as a Second Language” (ESL) Training has established a reputation for providing affordable training conducted by capable staff within a supportive communal setting. The ESL curriculum is highly educational and places an emphasis on reading, comprehension, grammar, pronunciation, speaking and writing. Real emphasis is given to catering for individual learning needs through offering multiple ESL courses (i.e. Preliminary English through to Intermediate English courses).

The GLO College of Ministries ESL training program takes a holistic approach where students not only learn about the theoretical and the practical aspects of the English language but are also introduced to the unique cultural and historical aspects of Australia. In addition to the educational and cultural emphasis the GLO College of Ministries conducts its ESL Training within a Christian context where students’ spiritual growth is also encouraged and developed.

Enrolment Form: English / Korean



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